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July 3rd, 2014
Happy Independence Day!

For those of you who live in the United States :)

We have new tour dates to announce!

September 6: Baltimore Comic-Con (Baltimore, MD)
September 13: Boston Festival of Indie Games (Cambridge, MA)

March 24th, 2014
Updated events schedule!

Come play Ore at the following events:

March 26: Knight Moves Cafe (Brookline, MA)
April 11-13: PAX East AdMagic booth, C401-404 (Boston, MA)
May 10: The Second New England Gaming Convention (Cambridge, MA)
May 16-18: HuzzahCon (South Portland, ME)

February 26th, 2014
Ore: The Mining Game selects Stephen Davies (Explosion Bus) as artist!

Ore: The Mining Game, an award-winning table top strategy game where players compete as mining barons during the great Industrial Age, has selected Stephen Davies (Explosion Bus) to lead its creative direction.

Stephen will be designing and illustrating Ore's core game components, such as the mines, assets, and initiative cards.

"We received a lot of feedback asking for better art and better design," said Joe McClintock, co-designer of Ore. "After playing and discussing the game with Stephen, it is clear that he can help us make the game look great."

Stephen has previously collaborated with Tom Snyder (Emmy award-winning Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist; Home Movies) and Jonathan Katz as an animator for Explosion Bus, a clever web comedy.

"As soon as Stephen presented us with some initial designs, we knew that we had hit on something big," said Jason Lyle, co-designer of Ore. "We have finally assembled a nicely rounded team, and we're looking forward to working with Stephen as our creative lead."

Last Fall, Ore was awarded the prestigious "Indie Ideals" award at the Boston Festival of Indie Games, held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

A kickstarter campaign, with a tentative launch date of Summer, 2014, has been planned for Ore.

About Stephen Davies

Stephen graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art in 2009 and has since been working as a graphic designer and animator. He began designing and illustrating board games as an exercise in left brain / right brain problem solving, and has found it creatively satisfying and addicting. When hes not at his desk he enjoys backpacking and talking at his cats.

January 29th, 2014
Happy New Year!

A belated Happy New Year from your friends at Ore!

We have created a new feedback form for YOU to help shape the game's future. Please help us improve this great game!

December 30th, 2013
Winter/Spring, 2014 Schedule

Want to play Ore, but haven't yet had a chance?

January 17-19: Unpub 4 (Dover, DE)
January 25: Unity Games 20 (Danvers, MA)
February 14-16: Boskone 51 (Boston, MA)
April 11-13: PAX East (Boston, MA)
May 16-18: HuzzahCon (South Portland, ME)

September 26th, 2013
We're finally on BoardGameGeek!

Our submission to has been approved. Check us out, and don't forget to leave your comments, impressions, advice, and criticism!

September 23rd, 2013
New England Gaming Convention

Yesterday, along with many other great indie game designers, we had the distinct privilege of showcasing our creation at the New England Science Fiction Association's annual gaming convention in Davis Square, Somerville, MA. We had a blast, and wanted to thank everyone who came out to play with us!

September 15th, 2013
We won!

Ore: The Mining Game won the "Indie Ideals" (Best Game) award among over 30 competitors at the 2nd Annual Boston Festival of Indie Games. Nearly 7500 gamers attended and you voted for us! Thank you all for your support! We are now officially an award-winning game!

Below are co-designers Jason Lyle (left) and Joe McClintock (middle) accepting their award from Shari Spiro (right), president of AdMagic, an industry-leading printing services, promotional advertising, and design firm. Congrats, guys!

August 15th, 2013
We made it!

It's official! We have been selected to present Ore: The Mining Game at the Boston Festival of Indie Games at MIT on September, 14th. Click below to register, and don't forget to vote for us!

July 29th, 2013
Website is live!