Ore: The Mining Game is an independently developed table top strategy game where 2-5 players compete as mining barons during the great Industrial Age. It takes an hour or two to play, and during that time, you'll learn how to grow your own little company, plan your strategy, conduct your operations, and make money.

1. How do I play?
You start with two miners, and you grow from there. There are many ways to grow; hire more miners, invest in technology, acquire assets, sign lucrative contracts, and, of course, mine. However, your actions are limited by the number miners you employ. So choose wisely!

2. How do I win?
The winner often has the most balanced strategy; mine the right resources, acquire the right assets, invest in the best initiatives, and take only those contracts that you can handily fulfill.

3. It's a strategy game?
Yes. It's riveting for people of all ages; for gifted kids with an interest in building a business, for MBA students, and for hobby gamers who know what Puerto Rico and/or Agricola are and love those games.

4. Where can I buy this game?
Stay tuned for our Kickstarter campaign! For the latest updates, like us on Facebook and add yourself to our mailing list.